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Inmarsat Pre-paid option now available globally


The following notice was just released to all Inmarsat Distribution Partners stating that Pre-paid services are now available globally as of September 1, 2012.  The USA was previously banned Inmarsat pre-paid services.

Inmarsat Pre-paid option now available globally

Dear Distribution Partner,

I am delighted to announce that following an agreement with Freedom Wireless Holdings Inc., a pre-paid option will be available for voice calls and data sessions that originate in the US from 1 September 2012 on all existing Inmarsat land and maritime services including IsatPhone Pro, FleetPhone, BGAN and FleetBroadband.

This agreement makes Inmarsat the only mobile satellite operator licensed to offer pre-paid services in the US, meaning we can now offer pre-paid services globally. This further strengthens our position as the world-leading provider of mobile satellite communications and emphasises our commitment to meeting customers' needs.

This breakthrough simplifies communications for our customers. For example IsatPhone Pro users can now be contacted using a single phone number wherever they are located and use just one device for their global communications, while FleetBroadband customers can now travel in and out of US territorial waters on pre-paid plans.

A press release will be issued tomorrow and the announcement will also be communicated to all Inmarsat service providers via Connect in due course. This is an exciting announcement and one that I hope will drive new business your way. Thank you again for your ongoing commitment and support for the Inmarsat business.

Yours sincerely,

Jim Parm
President, Inmarsat Solutions


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