BlueCosmo Satellite Phone Protection Plus Plan


The Protection Plus Plan is designed for our customers purchasing a new or refurbished phone from BlueCosmo. This plan provides you with all the maintenance, service, and repair that the typical manufactures warranty does not cover. This plan protects your investment by giving you repairs to physical, and internal electrical damages that usually would require you to pay hundreds of dollars on replacing parts, or taking care of all software upgrades that typically have bench fees, and providing all general maintenance, and cleanings. 

One of the biggest advantages of the Protection Plus Plan is the turn around time for a warranty device.  The normal warranty procedure can take weeks to complete!  We have to return the phone to the manufacturer and that takes time.  With Protection Plus we will send you a new or refurbished (as good if not better condition than the phone you sent us) as soon as we receive your returned phone.  This means you have a phone in less time.

This plan does not cover water damage and covers the replacement of each part one time. For example, antenna, battery or LCD each receive a replacement for any reason one time.  While labor will be covered for items that need repeated replacement, the parts will incur additional costs. 


  • IRIDIUM 9575 EXTREME ($299)    
  • IRIDIUM 9555 ($249)            
  • IRIDIUM 9505, 9505A, & 9500 ($199)             
  • ISATPHONE PRO ($199)
  • Globalstar GSP-1700 ($199)

For more information call or email a technician at 877-258-3496


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