Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro 5.6.1 Firmware Update



As of November 28, 2014 Firmware version 5.6.1 is needed to connect to the Inmarsat Network with your Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone

While the update is needed for your phone to remain operational it also fixes some previous problems with the phone, such as an issue with the AC Charger not charging the phone properly if  the battery drains completely.

The updating of the phone can be done by the user by following the instructions on the Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro website.  If users do not feel comfortable doing this process themselves BlueCosmo can perform the update for a $50 fee (plus shipping).  Just fill out an RMA form and send in your phone.  Please note  the RMA Form will mention a $100 evaluation fee,  this is not applied to the Firmware Update,  you will only be charged the $50 firmware upgrade fee.  

If you have any questions please contact BlueCosmo at 1-877-258-3496 or email


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