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BGAN Portable Data Terminals

The experts at BlueCosmo know that businesses no longer can afford to be reachable in only one place, one location. Successful businesses need to be mobile, flexible and able to communicate their important information wherever they are. That is why we provide the most reliable and up to date mobile satellite systems on the market.


If you need to send data (pictures, documents, files) from remote regions or send and receive emails, check the web, etc, we have the right solution for you.  We offer the most reliable Inmarsat BGAN terminals from Cobham, Hughes, and Widye.



BGAN stands for “Broadband Global Area Network”. The BGAN network is made up of three  satellites owned and operated by Inmarsat. The satellites are in stationary orbit around the Earth above the Equator allowing your access to high speed data from almost anywhere on the planet, only the extreme polar regions are unable to connect.


BGAN serices offer High-Speed Internet, Phone, Fax, ISDN, SMS Texting, and Streaming services.   Inmarsat, a global leader in satellite communications for over 30 years, licenses their technolgy to several manufactures to develop BGAN Terminals. With BGAN service, you can set up a broadband mobile office in minutes – wherever you are on the planet. BGAN is a perfect fit for the lumber, mining, oil and gas industries. With HDR streaming for Broadcast, BGAN offers a solution to stream video and audio from remote locations.

BGAN Terminal Comparison (Click to enlarge)



BGAN LaunchPad

Inmarsat BGAN LaunchPad is a standard user interface for PC or MAC that can be used across all land mobile BGAN terminals to manage your connection and settings. Click on the link to download the most recent version of the BGAN LaunchPad from Inmarsat.

BGAN Firmware Updates:

If you're experiencing any problems with your BGAN terminal please check that you have the latest Firmware version. You can check and download the latest versions of BGAN and IsatHub firmware from the Inmarsat Support website.


  • Cobham Explorer 510 BGAN Terminal
    Cobham Explorer 510 BGAN Terminal
    USD $2,495.00

  • Cobham Explorer 710 BGAN Data Terminal
    Cobham Explorer 710 BGAN Data Terminal
    USD $5,995.00 USD $5,495.00

  • Wideye iSavi IsatHub Portable Satellite Internet Terminal
    Wideye iSavi IsatHub Portable Satellite Internet Terminal
    USD $1,199.00

  • Hughes 9202 Class 2 BGAN Terminal
    Hughes 9202 Class 2 BGAN Terminal
    USD $2,895.00


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