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Inmarsat BGAN Prepaid 5000 Units

USD $3,500.00

Product Description

5000 Unit Prepaid BGAN SIM Card


  • No activation charge
  • No monthly access fees
  • Active for 365 Days 
  • 5000 Units Good For 549.4 MB of Data, 5000 Voice Minutes, 10000 SMS or any combination thereof.


BGAN is available across the globe, with the exception of the extreme polar regions, providing connectivity wherever your business or operations take you. 

BGAN services are delivered via the Inmarsat-4 network, with 99.9 per cent satellite and ground network availability and an operational lifespan expected into the 2020s. 

BGAN meets military and government requirements for security and supports all major VPN products and encryption standards. 

A single BGAN terminal provides simultaneous voice and broadband data up to 492kbps, enabling you to access the internet or send email, and talk on the phone at the same time. 

Supporting the latest IP services, as well as traditional circuit-switched voice and data, BGAN integrates seamlessly with corporate networks and legacy applications. 

No technical expertise or training is needed to set up and use BGAN. All terminals are plug and play, so you can go online within minutes.


Basic Data Service, per MB
(Web browsing, VPN, email, FTP, etc.)
Standard IP - Global Prepaid 9.1 units
BGAN Voice Calls, per minute  
To fixed/landline phones 1.0 units
To Mobile (cellular) phones 1.2 units
To BGAN/FBB/SBB/IsatPhone Pro 0.76 units
To Voicemail 1.0 units
Text Messaging (SMS)  
Outgoing, each 0.5 units
Incoming FREE


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