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SatStation Iridium 9555 Hands Free Dock


Product Description

The SatStation Hands Free Dock for Iridium 9555 provides hands-free voice communication for your Iridium handset. Stay in touch while you are in your car in a building, at sea, or in the air. Equipped with an automatic stereo muting feature and car ignition connection, the SatStation Hands Free Iridium Dock is a ready-to-go vehicular solution. With its cutting edge background noise filter and echo canceling technology, the Sat Station Hands Free Iridium Dock offers unmatched quality in satellite communication! Package includes: 10 watt Speaker, Junction Box, Visor Microphone, Power cable and Adapter Cable.

How it Works:  

SatStation users simply attach their Iridium satellite phone to the docking station cradle and connect the audio and power cables. The cradle securely holds the phone and connects it to an external antenna. While the phone is in the cradle the battery is charged. The SatStation speaker amplifies the ringer so it can be heard from several rooms away. The user can use the Iridium phone’s key pad to answer or make a satellite phone call in hands free mode. The SatStation’s echo-cancelling microphone enables the user to enjoy hands-free operation even in noisy environments such as a boat, car or worksite. If the optional privacy handset is released from its holder the microphone and speaker are disengaged, and call is transferred to the privacy handset. When the privacy handset is returned to holder the call the SatStation switches back to hands-free mode.

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