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Globalstar Satellite Phones

Critical Communications, Affordable Prices

glob17-topdealer-finallogo-blue.pngGlobalstar is the affordable choice when it comes to mobile satellite phones and fixed-site voice and data communications equipment, with some of the lowest hardware prices in the industry, and a range of monthly or annual service plans. Whether it is voice calling, or basic data for email or other applications, Globalstar gives you reliable satellite connectivity from remote regions of the globe at affordable prices. With Globalstar you get:

  • The lowest cost handsets in the industry
  • Ruggedly-built, compact satellite phones and fixed-site equipment
  • Quality voice calling and data connectivity in most regions of the globe (see coverage maps)
  • Data speeds up to 9.6 kbps
  • A range of flexible service plans to help you save money

Globalstar’s handheld satellite phones are small, lightweight and simple to use. This makes them the practical choice for a range of demanding users around the world, including business travelers, sailors and explorers who need to rely on satellite connectivity for their critical communication needs. Whether its the GSP 1600 satellite phone with its flip-up antenna design, or the smaller GSP 1700 with its one-piece integral antenna, Globalstar phones are among the most compact and lightweight handheld terminals available anywhere. Ruggedly-built, they are made to be used in the field, and are operable in extreme temperatures and rough conditions. If you need to go beyond the reach of cell phones, you can do it more affordably with Globalstar.

The Right Equipment with the Right Plan

Like any satellite communications solution, choosing the right combination of equipment and monthly or annual plans makes a big difference in getting the connectivity you need, when you really need it. With Globalstar, you get the most out of your system when you check the coverage maps to make sure your equipment is covered in the regions you expect to use it, and that your service plan gives you the best rates in those same regions. Globalstar’s satellites cover manu areas of the globe, and provide coverage in some of the most remote regions on the surface of the earth, but depending on the equipment and service you choose, there are limitations, including Africa, Central and South America, and portions of the north and south polar regions. Globalstar’s equipment and services have a range of different coverage maps, so these details are important.


The capability of satellite communications to connect you to the world when all other systems fail or are out of reach, makes it a powerful capability for you and your team, but it’s critically important to match your area of operation to the right equipment and coverage. At BlueCosmo, we can help. Whether you need a satellite phone and vehicle docking station for hands-free operation from your vehicle, or a fixed-site voice terminal for connecting multiple phone lines in a remote facility, we can walk you through your best options. Globalstar is a practical, affordable choice for individuals and organizations around the world who need the power of satellite for their critical communication needs, and we want to help you find the right way to do it.  

With users in over 120 countries, Globalstar’s dependable satellite phones and fixed-site voice and data solutions has made it a leader in affordable satellite communications. If you need to venture beyond the reach of cell towers, or need a back-up line of communications for business continuity planning, Globalstar is a great choice. BlueCosmo carries a wide range of Globalstar equipment, accessories, and service plans. We’re here to help.

  • Globalstar GSP-1700 Satellite Phone - Copper
    Globalstar GSP1700 Satellite Phone

  • Globalstar GSP1600 Satellite Phone
    Globalstar GSP1600 Satellite Phone

  • Globalstar GSP2900 Fixed Satellite Phone Ministick antenna 55ft cable
    Globalstar GSP2900 Fixed Satellite Phone Ministick antenna 55ft cable
    USD $1,499.00

  • Spot Global Phone
    SPOT Global Satellite Phone

  • Globalstar GSP-1700 Bronze Copper Satellite Phone
    Globalstar GSP1700 Copper Satellite Phone - Used
    USD $599.00 USD $299.00


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