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Globalstar Service Activation

USD $50.00

Product Description


Activate your Globalstar GSP-1600, GSP-1700, FAU-200 or GSP-2900 now!  Whether you have an older Globalstar phone or are purchasing new, we can activate it for you. Typical activations take no more than 24 hours from the time we recieve your activation forms and quite often within a few hours.

Just add the activation to your cart and checkout.  When we process your order we'll email you download access to the latest Globalstar Service Activation Form.  Fill this out completely as possible, sign and email or fax back to us at orders@bluecosmo.com or 888-893-4036. 


  • 12 month term applies.
  • Inbound SMS included in all plans
  • Voice calls will be billed first minute then 60 second increments.
  • Data calls will be included and billed in 15 second increments.
  • Subscriptions on the same annual plan and the same account will have the minutes pooled. Galaxy 120 does not include pooling.
  • Unused airtime will not be rolled over to the next billing cycle.

Globalstar Plan Details

  • Includes airtime for calls placed from the Home Service Area of the US, Canada or Caribbean calling to the US and Canada.
  • Free Long Distance for calls to the US, Canada or Puerto Rico.
  • Free Incoming Short Messaging Service (SMS).
  • Low Roaming and International Long Distance rates for other regions.
  • No Roaming fees in Home Service Area.
  • Express Data Compression free on most plans.
  • US-based number. Easy and affordable.
  • National "800" dialing. Call to the millions of US toll-free numbers.
  • Best satellite sound quality. No need to waste time repeating yourself.
  • Fastest Mobile Data Rates. Do more in less time.

All Monthly Plans are billed through Globalstar. Contact us if you have any questions. 

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