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IsatPhone Prepaid Service Plans

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Other Details:

50 & 100 Unit Validity Change:
Effective June 30, 2016

Product Description

Inmarsat IsatPhone Prepaid Service Options

*If you already have a BlueCosmo IsatPhone SIM card please visit our IsatPhone Prepaid Replenishment page and we can load your prepaid voucher quickly with no shipping required! 

Effective June 30th, 2016 new IsatPhone prepaid validity periods for 50 & 100 units.

Inmarsat has made minor changes to a couple prepaid plans. If you purchase and activate or refill your IsatPhone prepaid 50 or 100 units prior to June 30, 2016 you will have 90 day or 180 day (6 month) validity respectively. After this any new activations or refills of the 50 unit or 100 unit prepaid will be reduced to 30 days or 90 days (3 months) respectively.

Inmarsat Prepaid is a great option for the casual Isatphone Pro and IsatPhone 2 user. Cards can be activated quickly and offer a wide selection of airtime and validity options. Even if your BlueCosmo IsatPhone SIM card expired years ago we can load airtime, saving you the time and money associated with shipping you a new SIM card.  Our Inmarsat Prepaid Cards have no hidden fees, no activation fees and include voicemail at no cost.

Unit Rate per call:

  • 1.3 units per minute Voice and Data calls
  • 0.5 units per outgoing SMS/Text
  • Calls billed in 15 second increments
  • Free incoming SMS/Text
  • Voicemail Included
  • No Activation Fees!
Unit Values (June 30, 2016)
50 30 DAYS 38 100
100 90 DAYS 77 200
250 180 DAYS 192 500
500 365 DAYS 385 1000
1000 365 DAYS 769 2000
2500 365 DAYS 1923 5000
5000 365 DAYS 3846 10000


Full Rate Table
Voice Calls to Landline or Mobile 1.3
SMS (Outgoing) 0.5
Calls to BGAN, FBB, SWIFT 1.3
Calls to other IsatPhones & VM 1.3
Calls to Inmarsat B v/f/d 3.4
Calls to Inmarsat M v/f/d 2.9
Calls to Inmarsat mini M v/f/d 2.5
Calls to Inmarsat GAN/Fleet/SWIFT 2.5
Calls to Inmarsat Aero 4.9
Calls to Iridium Satellite Phones 11.0
Calls to Globalstar Phone 8.0
Calls to Thuraya Satellite Phone 5.0
Calls to Other MSS Carriers 6.9

SIM Cards activated at time of purchase unless noted otherwise.

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