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ASE Iridium MariTrack w/ Internal Battery

USD $3,400.00

Product Description

ASE Iridium MariTrack w/ Internal Battery
The MariTrack based on Iridium Satellite technology needed for SSAS compliance and long-range vessel tracking.  The engineers of Applied Satellite Engineering (ASE) have brought the MariTrack to the maritime industry to provide a simple and robust solution for tracking your maritime assets such as cargo ships and research vessels.

Monitor the transportation of fleets via the Internet using Iridium's global satellite network for seamless coverage. You will experience secure real-time tracking of your assets through your home or office computer.

In addition, use the Iridium network and MariTrack to make and log voice calls onboard. An analog phone system /PBX interface, crew PIN, and downloadable crew call log make the MariTrack the perfect crew voice solution.
Made in the USA

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