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Satellite Phone Repair and Protection Plans

BlueCosmo carries a variety of options for maintaining, servicing and repairing satellite equipment for the individual owner, and corporate operations.

Our Protection Plus Plans offer a set cost for repair in case something unplanned happens to your phone that the standard warranty does not cover, such as a broken antenna.  With Protection Plus you will minimize your down time and control your repair costs!  Read more here...


Our onsite service and repair center technicians are thoroughly trained and dedicated to maintaining your satellite equipment!

Every repair done comes with our BlueCosmo certified 90 day warranty.

Call 1-877-258-3496 or send an email to

Water Damage

We would like to say “no problem” when it comes to repairs of equipment that has been dropped in the water, but the fact is, we can’t.

If you drop your phone in the water pull out the battery immediately and send it in for service as soon as possible. We will clean the phone and check it for functionality.  Water damaged phones are serviced under the same price structure as other repairs (evaluation fee, parts, labor) but due to the nature of the damage we cannot warranty the repairs we make.

If your phone is not operating due to water damage please call or email us. We can do a quick evaluation on the phone to see if repair is an option. If the phone is beyond repair we can get you in contact with our sales department to get a quote for a new or refurbished phone. We will even offer you a credit for your broken phone if you send it to us.


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