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Iridium GO!

The next level in satellite communications has arrived, and this time it's personal! In fact, it’s your own smartphone!


With the Iridium Go! you can use your own iPhone or Android mobile device from anywhere a satellite phone can go. As simple as this sounds, this has never been truly possible before.

Here’s what you get:

  • The first truly global Wifi hotspot
  • Reliable voice and data for you iPhone or Android devices
  • Pricing that eliminates roaming charges
  • Support for up to 5 devices at once

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Truly Global Hotspot


Now you can set up an iPhone and Android compatible global Wifi satellite smartphone hotspot. Yes that’s a mouthful – so just call it the Iridium Go!

Here's how it works
By using software compatible with Apple® and Android™ operating systems, Iridium Go! creates a Wifi hotspot with a 30.5 meter (100 foot) radius, capable of linking up to 5 of your devices directly to the global system of Iridium communications satellites. This means you can go anywhere Iridium coverage goes. And because it can fit in your pocket, and connects to the furthest reaching satellite network in the sky, the Iridium Go! is the only truly global Wifi hotspot for your iPhone or Android device. This is the next level in communications: personal satellite connectivity.

Go Further than You Ever Have Before

In the past, you couldn’t use your smartphone beyond the grid. This was territory reserved for satellite phones and fixed terminals. The Iridium Go! changes all that. It creates a truly global Wifi hotspot compatible with your smartphone. This kind of reliable voice and data connection, at this price, with this bandwidth, able to resist dirt and dust, built tough enough to go anywhere Iridium satellites go, is the next level.

Make calls, send emails, update social media, chat or send sms messages. With Iridium Go!, you have the bandwidth, at the right price, to set-up a mobile office anywhere, using the mobile devices you normally use at home or at work.

Iridium Go! supports:
  • Voice calls
  • Social networking
  • Photo sharing
  • Email
  • Applications
  • Two-way SMS
  • GPS tracking
  • SOS alert

Simple to Use


Just turn it on, flip up the antenna and the battery-powered unit connects automatically to the Iridium LEO satellite constellation. That’s all you need to know. From there, you can have a Wifi hotspot that you can use like any other. Designed to be simple to use, Iridium Go! makes it easy to get ahead of the curve and reach the next level in communications. What has never been possible before is possible now.

The Iridium Satellite Network

The Iridium Go! has another advantage over other handheld satellite devices: the Iridium network.


With 66 LEO (low earth orbit) communications satellites (plus 6 in-orbit spares), the Iridium constellation has no equal. Each satellite is only 780 km (476 miles) from earth, which means the Iridium system has the shortest transmission path and strongest signals, allowing for smaller antennas for handheld devices. This proximity also translates into the lowest latency of voice AND data, and the shortest registration times: key advantages when communications are critical and time is short.

But the advantages don’t stop there: the in-space configuration of Iridium satellites means that each satellite is linked to four others. So on the ground, each user is accessing a dynamic network, able to route traffic to a grid of satellites. Rather than a single region overwhelming a satellite’s capacity, the Iridium system can distribute the load, sending traffic to other satellites in its orbital plane, as well as its adjacent plane. No other satellite network can do this. Such redundancy and flexibility means that the Iridium system can remain unaffected during natural disasters, like a tsunami, hurricane or earthquake. When terrestrial networks and wireless infrastructure fail, and users turn to the skies, Iridium can step in to handle their critical communication needs.

Get Yours Today!

image8.pngIn a crisis scenario, beyond the Arctic Circle, or deep in the Amazon Basin, wherever and whenever critical communications are needed, Iridium is there. Now, your smartphone is too! If you are looking to extend the reach of your devices beyond cell towers, beyond what has ever been possible before, now is the time for Iridium Go! Its a truly global, anywhere Wifi hotspot, supported by a range of price plans that eliminates roaming charges, and takes you to the next level in communications. It’s a personal satellite connectivity solution with predictable costs, the bandwidth you need, and the capabilities you’ve come to rely on.

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Technical Specifications

Internet Speeds 2.4-2.8 Kbps Uncompressed 24 Kbps Compressed
Battery Life 7 hours talk, 16 hours standby
Dimansions 4.5"x 3.25" x 1.25"
Weight 10.4 oz (0.65 lbs, or 295 grams)
Durability Specs Military-grade ruggedness (MIL-STD 810F)
Ingress Protection IP 65
AC Power 100 - 240 VAC, 50-60Hz; (cames with internatonal AC adapter kit)
Wifi Range 100 foot (30.5 meters)
SOS GPS Global Response Requires online registration with GEOS
Supported OS

IOS 6 & 7
Android 2.3.x Gingerbread
3.x.x Honeycomb
4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich
4.1.x/4.2 Jelly Bean

Introducing the Iridium GO! Satellite Smartphone Hotspot


Iridium GO! Tutorial - How to Setup & Use the Iridium GO!


Iridium GO! Firmware Update - 1.4.1 - July 2015

What's Updated in version 1.4.1

  • Increased support for web browsing on Iridium Mail & Web app for iOS platform
  • Improved audio quality for voice calls
  • Improved data network connection reliability
  • Battery revision number added to device screen
  • Support for SIM-less emergency calling (000) in Australia

Checking your Current Firmware Version on the Iridium GO! Unit

  1. Turn on your GO! device and wait for it to power up
  2. Press either the left or right navigational button on the GO! unit
  3. Press the "Next" button to scroll to "Information" option
  4. Press "Select" and your firmware(f/w) will be displayed

Checking your Current Firmware Version on the Iridium GO! Voice App

  1. Turn on your GO! device and wait for it to power up
  2. Connect your smartphone or table to the Iridium GO! WiFi 
  3. Open your Iridium GO! application & login
  4. Select "Help" then select "About" and your firmware will be displayed.

Performing the Iridium GO! firmware update

  1. Download the Iridium Firmware Update Tool 1.4.1 (48 MB)
  2. Download the Release Notes & Firmware Upgrade Instructions
  3. Open the Release Notes & follow the instructions for performing the upgrade
  4. Alternative download


  • Iridium GO! Front Screen
    Iridium GO! Satellite Smartphone Hotspot
    USD $799.00

  • Iridium GO! Front Screen
    Iridium GO! Satellite Smartphone Hotspot - Open Box
    USD $699.00


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