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Iridium GO! Rate Plans

Get the most out of your Iridium GO! by choosing the plan that’s right for you. With Iridium Go! you get 4 Monthly Rate Plans and 2 Pre-paid Data Plans to choose from. With each Monthly Rate Plan, you get an increasing number of GO! Data minutes per month included, and you lock-in a per-minute voice rate for calling landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world. There are no roaming charges when you use Iridium GO!, and your Monthly Rate is good for one year. There is a one-time activation fee of just $35 with any of the Monthly Rate Plans.

Pre-paid plans offer you a pre-set number of GO! Data Minutes that you can apply to all your data, voice and messaging needs. So, if you want to make a voice call to any landline or mobile device, for example, you will use have a set number of minutes of voice calling. It’s a simple way to track all your usage and keep your costs predictable. Pre-paid GO! airtime is good for 6 months, 1 year or combined up to 2 years and the per-minute usage rates vary depending on which plan you choose. With pre-paid, there is no activation-fee: you can re-new at any time, and un-used minutes roll-over when you renew your plan before the expiration date. Plans and plan pricing are only valid with Iridium GO!.

All of the Iridium GO! rate plans are designed to fit different needs. Check-out which plan is right for you!

GO! Monthly Rate Plans

  GO! 5 GO! 75 GO! 150 GO! Unlimited
Monthly Rate $46.95 $74.95 $99.95 $124.95
Voice or GO! Data Minutes Included
Voice Call Overage to Landline & Mobile $1.29/minute $1.19/minute $1.09/minute $1.09/minute
GO! Data Overage Rate $0.75/minute $0.50/minute $0.25/minute Unlimited
Other Data (Non Mobile App) $1.29/minute $1.19/minute $1.09/minute $1.09/minute
Outgoing Text/SMS $0.20 $0.10 Unlimited Unlimited
Activation Fee $35 $35 $35 $35
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GO! Prepaid Data Plans

  GO! 400 & 6 Month GO! 1000 & 1 Year
Purchase Price $445 $725
GO! Internet Data Minutes Included 400 / $1.25 1000 / $0.75
Voice Calls to Landline or Cell (2x Data Min) 200 / $2.50 500 / $1.50
Voice Calls to Iridium Device 400 / $1.25 1000 / $0.75
Voice to Other Satellite Service 22 / $22.73 55 / $13.64
Voice Incoming Direct Free Unlimited Free Unlimited
2-Stage Incoming Voice 200 / $2.50 500 / $1.50
Voicemail Retrieval 400 / $1.25 1000 / $0.75
SMS/Text or Short Email Outgoing (1/3 Data Min) 1200 / $0.42 3000 / $0.25
Incoming SMS Messages Free Unlimited Free Unlimited
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All Iridium standard global and regional prepaid plan SIM cards will work with the Iridium GO! but you will not get the benefit of the reduced lower per minute GO! Data rate.

The way it works:

The Iridium GO! App is a simple app you can download to any Apple or Android compatible smartphone or mobile device. The GO! App assigns your smartphone an Iridium phone number, which is the number people will call when they need to reach you on the Iridium network. Using the App, your smartphone or WiFi- enabled device will perform like a phone, and you can make out-going voice calls to other Iridium phones, other satellite networks, and any landline or mobile phone in the world. Remember, once you are beyond cell phone coverage and only Iridium is reachable, your normal mobile phone number will no-longer work.

  • Iridium GO! Monthly Service Plans SIM
    Iridium GO! Monthly Plans & Activation
    USD $35.00

  • Iridium GO! Prepaid Service Plans
    Iridium GO! Prepaid SIM Cards
    USD $0.00

  • Iridium GO! 400 Data Minute & 6 Month Prepaid Airtime
    Iridium GO! 400 Data Minute 6 Month Global Prepaid
    USD $445.00

  • Iridium GO! 1000 Data Minute 1 Year Global Prepaid
    Iridium GO! 1000 Data Minute 1 Year Global Prepaid
    USD $725.00


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