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Mobile Satellite Internet

Today, satellite connectivity goes far beyond just voice calling. Email, social media, texting and video are all available using a range of different mobile satellite solutions that can be set-up quickly, and used from virtually anywhere on earth. Whether its a device that fits in your pocket, in your briefcase, or towed by your pick-up truck, these mobile, portable satellite solutions have never been easier to use, nor more reliable. With continuing innovations in hardware and software, the equipment you need to stay connected for email, web surfing, video and other data-intensive applications keeps getting lighter, more compact, and more easily deployed than ever before.

Build your mobile solution around how you work, and where you need to go

You can build your solution around how you and your team already work. Think of your satellite solution as a portable, go-anywhere office. Voice, sms, email, and other internet applications are all available with today’s mobile satellite terminals. Will you be on an oil rig, driving across a remote desert, or setting up your field headquarters in a disaster-struck region? Will you need multiple users accessing email? High definition image uploads? Basic internet connectivity or live-video transmission? All of these things are possible with portable, easily deployed mobile equipment. Like satellite phones, these devices are built for the field, weather-resistant and rugged enough for any conditions.

The key is understanding your options, and then choosing the right equipment. Consider where you will need to be, how many users you will need to support, and what bandwidth will get the job done. In satellite comms, bandwidth is at a premium, so any steps you take to ratchet back on your data use can help. But whatever your data needs are, and wherever your location will be, the right mobile satellite internet solution is out there for you. Purchase your solution today and set up your go-anywhere office from wherever you need to go.


For portable, mobile internet solutions, there are three main categories to choose from here at BlueCosmo: 

  1. BGAN portable internet
  2. BGAN vehicular internet
  3. VSAT mobile dishes 

The first two types are , BGAN systems which operate on the INMARSAT constellation of equatorial, geosynchronous satellites. BGAN stands for “Broadband Global Area Network,” a system developed by INMARSAT to deliver broadband data speeds to terminal users around the world, with the exception of the north and south polar regions (see INMARSAT coverage map). Broadband speed is defined here as over 200 Kbps standard IP download, and depending on the device you have, BGAN IP speeds can reach up to 492 Kbps. For specialized IP video streaming applications, BGAN speeds can reach up to 650 Kbps, or with two units tethered, up to 1 Mbps, but these depend on the terminal model and service. BGAN devices are small, compact, and powerful: the fixed position, portable devices are typically the size of a laptop computer, and generally include phone, internet, SMS, fax, ISDN and streaming service for audio or video. The vehicular devices tend to be larger, up to about 20 lbs, and can operate while in-motion.

VSAT mobile dishes

The third option is to get a mobile VSAT, which stands for “very small aperture terminal.” VSAT units have the classic dish antenna design, and are much larger than BGAN units. However, the mobile units are designed to be portable and simple to set-up. They can be packed in small to medium sized crates or mounted on a small hitched trailer. The maximum dish size for a VSAT terminal is 3 meters in diameter, but most models are 1.2 meters or less.

With the increased size of VSAT terminals comes increased data speeds: BlueCosmo offers mobile VSAT solutions with data speeds of up to 5 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up. VSAT are powerful, versatile solutions that are often deployed to locations with large teams who need robust internet access, or operations that require data-intensive connectivity, such as broadcasters. VSAT terminals access individual, commercially available satellites, depending on your location on the map.

Mobile Satellite Internet Types

BGAN Portable Internet

BGAN portable terminals do not operate on-the-move, but must be stationary, with a view of the sky that includes at least one of the three INMARSAT satellites. They tend to have lower hardware costs and marginally faster data speeds than the vehicular terminals. 

  • BGAN Portable Internet
    • range of affordable options for different data speeds
    • most devices are laptop sized, fit in your briefcase or backpack
    • devices must be stationary to operate, but with a Wi-Fi, users can walk and talk within range
    • top units can stream video up to 650 Kbps, standard IP up to 492 Kbps
    • excellent options for broadcast journalists, other data-intensive users 

BGAN Vehicular Internet

Vehicular terminals can operate on-the-move, and include disc-shaped antennas for mounting on the roofs of vehicles. The hardware costs tend to be higher than the stationary BGAN devices, but the ability to communicate from a moving vehicle is the critically important difference that for certain users, such as security personnel, first-responders, and broadcasters, is essential 

  • BGAN vehicular internet
    • wide range of pricing options, wide range of data speeds
    • most devices weigh less than 20 lbs., are easily stowed or shipped
    • antennas are mounted on vehicle roofs, can operate while a vehicle is in motion
    • premium units can stream video up to 256 Kbps on-the-move, up to 384 Kbps video streaming at-pause, standard IP up to 432 Kbps on-the-move
    • excellent options for first-responders and security personnel who need to communicate on-the-move
    • also an excellent option for broadcast journalists who need to arrive immediately on-scene to broadcast (no need to stop to set-up a stationary device) 

VSAT Mobile Dishes

VSAT mobile dishes are larger than BGAN terminals, and the portable models we offer here at BlueCosmo are designed to be shipped or transported with minimal set-up. Portable VSAT terminals are stationary antennas, set on the ground with a view of the sky. They can be mounted on hitched trailers or transported in rugged boxes. They generally have a much higher data-rate capacity, and a more powerful WiFi capability than BGAN devices. 

  • VSAT Mobile Dishes
    • antenna dishes are 3 meter in diameter or less, most are in the 1.2 meter diameter range
    • mobile terminals are designed for transport, and can be set-up relatively quickly
    • operate from stationary positions
    • faster data speeds than BGAN terminals (up to 5 Mbps down, 3 Mbps up)
    • depending on location, they access different satellites (not INMARSAT)
    • frequently used by broadcast journalists for video transmission 

Each of these mobile internet solutions are dependable, and proven in-the-field by the most demanding users; from security personnel, first responders, scientists, explorers, journalist and businesspeople, BGAN and VSAT provide a range of options to support any mobile operation.

Contact BlueCosmo today to purchase the equipment that’s right for you.


  • Cobham Explorer 510 BGAN Terminal
    Cobham Explorer 510 BGAN Terminal
    USD $2,495.00

  • Cobham Explorer 710 BGAN Data Terminal
    Cobham Explorer 710 BGAN Data Terminal
    USD $5,995.00 USD $5,495.00

  • Wideye iSavi IsatHub Portable Satellite Internet Terminal
    Wideye iSavi IsatHub Portable Satellite Internet Terminal
    USD $1,199.00

  • Hughes 9202 Class 2 BGAN Terminal
    Hughes 9202 Class 2 BGAN Terminal
    USD $2,895.00

  • Cobham Explorer 500 BGAN Data Terminal
    Cobham Explorer 500 BGAN Data Terminal

  • Hughes 9201 BGAN Satellite Terminal
    Hughes 9201 BGAN Satellite Terminal


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