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Klas Pioneer Express (Talon-Version)

USD $46,500.00

Product Description

Klas Pioneer Express (Talon-Version)

KlasPioneer Express (GRRIP, AN/PSC - 15) is the lightest, fully featured, mobile SIPRNET case designed for the first-in communicator. It weighs less than 28lbs and all the components fit in a single, ruggedized case measuring 16" x 13" x 6.87". The GRRIP (Global Rapid Response Information Package) has a 3 hour battery and accepts a wide range of AC and DC inputs. It is quick to setup and is designed around standard applications such as Microsoft Outlook. It has everything you need to deploy a mobile office to the field including a laptop, red-side router, black-side router, TCP accelerator, phone handset and battery. It supports the Talon type 1 encryption PCMCIA card and includes a BGAN satellite phone for remote operation at broadband speeds.

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