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Product Description

The IOTA is a small compact and light weight M2M Application Enabler to replace a laptop/PC for use in conjunction with the SABRE I BGAN terminal.

The device is most suited for unmanned operations in a remote, hard-to-access or hazardous location. It serves two purposes of firstly controlling the BGAN terminal and secondly to interface with the client’s sensor equipment.
The user can customize the software applications on the IOTA for command and control of their monitoring equipment and the SABRE I. The whole setup can be remotely accessed from the user’s headquarter via the BGAN network for SCADA monitoring application.
  • Hardware The hardware platform is an embedded ARM-9 based microprocessor system.
  • Software The embedded system is operating on WinCE with proprietary software to control the functionality of SABRE I  
  • Interface 1. IOTA and SABRE I : Ethernet 2. IOTA & monitoring equipment : UART, RS232 or USB 3. User interface The IOTA has a VGA port for the connection to a standard display monitor. A USB host is ready for hub-connection with a USB keyboard and a USB mouse for user interface functions such as system configuration, diagnosis and firmware upgrade 4. API (Application Program Interface) for application software customization Software routines can be independently developed by users for specific applications intended for telemetry and SCADA. Users can carry out system integration through the use of API supported in a development package.The hardware platform is an embedded ARM-9 based microprocessor system.

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