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SatStation Privacy Handset


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SatStation Privacy Handset

The SatStation Privacy Handset is an optional feature to add to your choice of SatStation Dock Plus. The Privacy handset is able to transmit and receive audio via a sleek and lightweight design. You are able to take calls in your car and keep them personal. The way it works is simple-the handset is plugged into the dock station via a manufacturer-installed RJ11 port. This handset was designed with your needs in mind. When you lift the handset, the hands-free speaker and microphone are muted on the car kit, and you can carry on a private conversation with out the disturbance of background noise. The SatStation is also built with a light indicator for night use. This small addition to your SatStation Dock is a great way to optimize all the features and convenience of your Iridium Dock.

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