• AC Charger with International Adapters

Iridium GO! AC Charger with International Adapters

USD $52.00

Product Description

The Iridium GO!™ AC charger with international adapters is designed to charge the Iridium GO! device, using AC power source. It includes a universal adapter kit to support more than 175 countries including most parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, North America, and Russia. With a 1.5A for faster charging, it recharges Iridium GO! rechargeable battery in 4 hours. The adjustable USB cable input, requires the Iridium GO! 1.2m USB Cable (WMUSB1301).

Insert the appropriate AC charger adapter for in-country use and connect the 1.2m USB Cable(WMUSB1301) to the Iridium GO! device. Plug-in to an AC power source and view the Iridium GO! device screen for charge status.

Part number WACTC1301.

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