Satellite Phone Rental

Afraid of commitment? We understand.

For as little as $39.95 a week you can rent a satellite phone and start making calls to any mobile phone, landline or satellite phone anywhere on the globe.

Put the power of satellite into your own hands today!

Let’s face it: sometimes renting is the better fit. That’s why at BlueCosmo we offer a range of practical rental choices from Iridium & Globalstar to ultra-compact and portable IsatHub data terminals if you need data for email, surfing the web, even live-streaming audio or video. It’s all possible with a BlueCosmo rental unit. When you need rugged, dependable satellite connectivity but aren’t yet ready to make a purchase, check-out BlueCosmo’s rental options and stay connected wherever you need to go.

Iridium Satellite Phone Rentals:

Satellite Phone Rental 25% Off!

100% Global Coverage. Operates on-the-move, in-vehicle or on ships.

Book your Iridium satellite phone rental by June 30th and save 25%

Choose your preferred model of Iridium satellite phone rental kit with all the accessories included, and coverage anywhere on earth. Place your order today—save 25%—and it will be shipped to your door right when you need it!

Through Roadpost (*our parent company) we’re able to offer you:

  • Unbeatable value on your choice of Iridium satellite phone models
  • No hidden costs… Iridium rental kits include all the accessories at no extra charge
  • Easy, instant online booking or pre-booking
  • Outstanding customer service and 24/7 technical support

Iridium voice and data coverage is the same regardless of your location, as long as you are outdoors with a clear view of the sky.

Globalstar Satellite Phone Rental:

A Smart Choice for USA, Canada and the Caribbean with a US-based phone number!

Digitally Sign - Globalstar Rental Order Form

Globalstar satellite phones are recommended for use in Canada, the continental United States and most of the Caribbean. Each phone comes with a US based telephone number for easy dialing in and out.

Rental rates start at $50 per week and unlimited voice minutes options available.

Isathub Satellite Data Terminal Rental:

Portable Data and Voice - Your Go-Anywhere Office

Inmarsat IsatHub terminals are an excellent choice for people who need data connectivity. These terminals take less than 2 minutes to setup and can get up to 364 kbps data connection and voice from just about anywhere on earth! All this in the size of a small laptop. We do not recommend the Inmarsat IsatHub for latitudes above 49 degrees north or below 49 degrees south.

Rental rates start at $99.95 per week and as low as $4.95 per megabyte of data.

Email for an updated IsatHub rental form, rates and availability.

Renting for the short or long-term, whatever works for you

Maybe you’re contemplating a purchase of satellite equipment, and you simply want to test-drive something out in-the-field, before you commit. Whether its a short-term rental or a long-term project, renting can be a simple, practical solution to staying in-contact. Owning a satellite phone for your once-in-a-lifetime adventure vacation to Alaska, the Pacific islands, or central Africa, may simply be too costly. Or, maybe you need a satellite phone for a short business trip and need to know that whatever happens, wherever you go, no-matter how unstable the local situation might be, you’ll be able to make a call when you need to. Only satellite can give you that kind of the peace of mind, and renting your satellite phone or IsatHub voice and data terminal gets you there without the up-front costs of buying. Sometimes, its the right choice.

Buying vs Renting

Now don’t get us wrong: we believe that buying satellite equipment is a smart investment for individuals and organizations who want powerful, resilient communications that deliver when other systems fail, and can operate from any region on the globe, independent of terrestrial systems if need be. Owning your equipment helps you customize your own solution, so that you get the most out of what satellite technology offers today, while keeping your costs lower over the mid to long term. Its a capital investment in strengthening the ties that keep you, your team, and your offices linked together and in-contact across an increasingly unpredictable world, and making that investment, we believe, pays off time and time again.

But buying isn’t for everyone, and renting can also be a smart approach for many of the same reasons: its a way to keep your short-term, up-front costs low, while still getting many of the critical advantages and capabilities that only satellite connectivity has to offer. The portable, handheld satellite phones, as well as the IsatHub voice and data units that we rent are tough, durable, compact devices made for the road. Whether its an adventure travel package, a military mission, or a scientific expedition on a tight budget, our satellite equipment rentals are tough enough to go wherever you go, and affordable enough to fit your budget.

Choosing the right rental equipment: Voice, Data or Both?

Most satellite phones are rented for their voice-calling and sms capabilities. This is what users are typically looking for in a phone, and these phones deliver. But depending on the model, some satellite phones offer GPS, emergency SOS functions, and even limited data connectivity for email or other uses. They are meant to be flexible, multi-purpose devices that meet the critical communication needs of the most demanding users, from the most remote locations, so knowing their full capabilities is a good idea. We recommend that you consider the following when making your rental choice: 

  • What is your overall budget? Rentals start at $39.95 a week and go up to $99.95 a week, plus a service plan, depending on which brand and model you choose. Finding the right combination is key to staying within your budget. If you aren’t sure which plan is right for you, contact us at BlueCosmo with any questions: 877-258-3496 option 2, direct 206-418-6475 or email
  • How do you and your team communicate right now? Will voice and sms be enough, or will you need email or even video connectivity? However you stay in touch now is a good indicator of what will be effective in-the-field.
  • Where will you be going? Globalstar and Inmarsat are excellent choices because of their capabilities and costs, but they do have portions of the globe that they don’t reach. Look at each rental option carefully to make sure you choose a device that fully covers wherever you need to go (only Iridium phones cover the entire globe).
  • Will you need to be in contact while in-motion, such as in a moving vehicle, boat or plane? For some users, it’s critical to be in contact when they are in-transit. All our rental devices are designed for quick and easy set-up, but not every rental device we offer can operate in-motion or at-speed, so make sure you choose a device that can do this if its a critical requirement. 

Whatever you choose, we’re here to help.

Questions? Please Call: 877-258-3496 option 2, Direct: 206-418-6475 or Email for info and availability.


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