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Globalstar Fixed Access Unit

Discontinued from manufacturer

Product Description

Globalstar Fixed Access Unit - Discontinued by Manufacturer. GSP-2900 is still available.

Features for FAU-200 Fixed Satellite Phones:

  • Crystal-Clear Voice Quality:
  • Superior CDMA digital satellite phone quality
  • Standard US dialing: Supports dial tone, dial procedure, and call progress
  • touch-tones
  • Fixed Antenna Unit: No aiming or calibration required. No moving parts to break.
  • Flexible Installation: Supports up to three phone jacks on a single phone line.
  • Connection from Fixed Antenna Unit to telephone equipment can be approximately
  • 1 mile.
  • Built for extremes: Antenna and Junction box operational from -22 to 140 degrees
  • Fahrenheit
  • Optional Uninterrupted Power Supply: See dealer for options

Globalstar FAU-200 Fixed Satellite Phones are a cost-effective solution for installed satellite telephone voice service virtually anywhere. It allows remotely located businesses and individuals to connect into the public phone network through the Globalstar system, using standard wiring and phone equipment. Consider the Globalstar QUALCOMM GSP-2900 Fixed Phone for satellite telephone service in a marine or other extreme weather environment, or wherever and whenever you need Internet and e-mail access in addition to voice service.

Fixed Satellite Telephone Kit Contents:

  • Pole-mounted Fixed Antenna Unit (FAU) Telephone Interface (NID) Box +48V DC - 1.0 A power supply 50' Power Cable User Manual
  • Installation Guide

Remote Antenna Unit Details:

  • RF Power Output: 2 watt maximum (+33dBm) Power Consumption: 50 watt maximum at 48 VDC nominal input voltage Dimensions 525 mm H x 300 mm W x 175 mm D (approx. 20 ½" H x 11 7/8" W x 6 7/8" D)
  • Weight: 16.1 lb.

Telephone Interface Box Details:

  • Dimensions: 6" x 3.2" x 2.1"
  • Weight: 1.2 lb.

Installation of the QUALCOMM FAU-200 is quick and easy. The weather-resistant unit is conveniently mounted and located outdoor with a clear view of the sky. The Globalstar FAU-200 Fixed Satellite Phone may be configured to offer a single line of service to as many as three standard telephone jacks, up to a mile from the antenna unit. Fixed satellite phones can be installed anywhere you need the reliability and coverage of Globalstar.

Possible Custom Installation Configurations:

  • Industrial and commercial sites office buildings rural and remote homes large vehicles such as RV's.
  • Emergency response command vehicles

Roaming Information:

  • Roaming outside the home calling area of the U.S. and Caribbean is not available with the FAU-200

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