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Inmarsat Satellite Network

Setting the Standard Across the Globe

When it comes to global satellite communications, Inmarsat has set the standard for decades. From basic voice calling to limited data connections to portable broadband devices, Inmarsat can meet virtually any operational need small or large. Always engineered for field conditions, where reliability and performance mean everything, Inmarsat has become the backbone of critical communication systems around the world. With Inmarsat you get:

  • Global coverage (with the exception of the extreme north and south polar regions)
  • A range of services from traditional voice calls, high-speed internet, emergency distress and safety services, and GPS position reporting.
  • Handheld, vehicular, maritime, and fixed-site equipment and services
  • Portable broadband service speeds of 384 Kbps down, 240 Kbps up with the IsatHub.

Ultra-reliable Performance, the Most Demanding Users

Inmarsat’s equipment and services have proven themselves again and again for the most demanding users on the planet.  Whether it’s handheld, vehicular, fixed-site, aviation or maritime communications, Inmarsat’s global reputation for reliable performance has made it the standard in global satellite communications everywhere. Emergency first-responders, military personnel, coastal and blue water sailors, commercial fishing fleets, scientists and explorers have all relied on Inmarsat for staying in-contact when they need it most.  Whether its for your daily operational needs, business continuity planning, or crisis communications, Inmarsat has the service and equipment to meet your needs.

The difference with Inmarsat is the range of capabilities and choices for the user.  Designed as a global communications platform to serve the maritime industry, Inmarsat has grown to encompass virtually every facet of satellite communications. With the largest commercial communication satellites ever launched (known as the I4’s), and operating the only global broadband service for portable devices in the world (BGAN), Inmarsat has shaped global satellite communications since 1976, and its new generation of satellites continue to advance the boundaries of what is possible for you on the ground.  

Advanced Designs, Advanced Capabilities

Inmarsat’s latest generation of handheld satellite phones are sleek, powerful devices that deliver high-quality voice and data connections from anywhere on the globe (with the exception of the extreme north and south polar regions). Don’t think of the old-style sat phones that were the size of small suitcases anymore, (although yes, these were Inmarsats and yes, they still work!), the new generation of Inmarsat-compatible satellite phones are highly-advanced, compact devices that fit in your pocket and are ready to perform anywhere.  And Inmarsat’s BGAN services (Broadband Global Area Network) add another level of data speeds previously available only by deploying much larger vsat terminals. The BGAN system provides mobile, portable broadband devices that fit in your backpack or briefcase, and can provide simultaneous voice and data with speeds up to 492 kbps (and some devices, by tethering, can achieve speeds of up to 650 kbps). BGAN devices are ideal for live streaming video at various speeds, and BGAN devices come in stationary terminals as well as mobile devices that operate in-motion for vehicular and marine vessel operations. Whether you need simple voice calling, or data-intensive connectivity for broadcasting or other applications, Inmarsat has the equipment and service you need, with flexible pricing to match your budget.

For the user, the combination of robust voice connectivity PLUS higher data speeds, accessible from portable, rugged devices, make Inmarsat the right choice for a wide range of satellite communication solutions. And the wide range of maritime equipment and services still make Inmarsat the world’s most reliable platform for small and large fishing fleets, with flexible pricing and services designed specifically for the budget-conscious maritime industry. As standard communications require more and more data to meet their critical operational needs, Inmarsat has developed a reliable, global platform that consistently supplies the needed bandwidth across the globe. At BlueCosmo, we offer a full range of Inmarsat equipment and services, from prepaid and postpaid monthly voice and data plans to help you manage your budget, to the new generation of compact, ultra-reliable satellite phones and data devices. Give our catalog a close look and purchase yours today!

  • Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone
    Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone
    USD $699.00

  • Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone
    Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone - Open Box
    USD $629.00

  • Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone - Front
    Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone

  • Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone - Open Box
    Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone - Open Box


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