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Iridium Satellite Phones

Satellite Connectivity in the Palm of Your Hand

Iridium handheld devices are the epitome of reliable, walk-and-talk satellite connectivity. Small, lightweight and powerful, you can hold an Iridium satellite phone in the palm of your hand. And, as long as you have line of sight to at least one Iridium satellite, you can make and receive a call from anywhere on the globe. 

Other satellite phone systems may have similar capabilities, but not at the reduced size and weight of an Iridium device.  The small, omni-directional antennae for mobile operation distinguish Iridium devices from other satellite phones, giving them the look and feel of a cell-phone, but with capabilities of an advanced satellite terminal. 

Another key feature of the Iridium system is its global coverage.  No other commercially available satellite system covers the entire globe like Iridium does.  In fact, there are vast stretches of the north and south polar regions that are only reached by Iridium’s global satellite network.  This is a powerful capability for you to consider when building your satellite communications solution, but isn’t the only reason to consider Iridium. 


Iridium devices tie into an advanced, cross-linked system of 66 low earth orbiting satellites (LEO) that provide coverage over the entire surface of the earth.  The full constellation includes in-orbit spares, and unlike geostationary satellites that can orbit as high as 22,000 miles (35,400 km) Iridium satellites orbit much lower to the ground at 476 miles (780 km).   This proximity and advanced architecture have several advantages for the user on the ground:

  • allows for much smaller, omni-directional antennae
  • low latency for voice and data
  • low communication delays
  • short registration times
  • dynamic, flexible routing that can handle surges from natural disasters or other large-scale crises

Iridium satellites move across the daytime and nighttime skies in relation to the user, and each Iridium satellite is linked to four other satellites: two in the same orbital plane, and one in each adjacent plane.  This gives the system a dynamic routing capability that improves the system’s overall reliability from any region on earth, and in the case of a surge in usage, such as during a natural disaster or other large-scale crisis, enables the system to keep operating.

For users who value lightweight, mobile handheld devices for voice and data connections, or who need to operate from anywhere on the globe, Iridium is the right choice.  Combined with multi-purpose docking stations, and external antennae, the broad suite of Iridium-based solutions can give you capabilities to operate from inside buildings, tie into local PBX phone systems, or maintain full voice and data connectivity from any moving platform, including land vehicles, marine vessels, or aircraft in-flight. Iridium’s uniquely powerful and advanced communications network can meet any critical communication need.  

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    Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone - USA Made


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