• Cobham Explorer 325

Cobham Explorer 325 BGAN Vehicular Terminal


Product Description

Cobham BGAN Explorer 325

Choose EXPLORER 325 for cost-effective vehicular internet connectivity, video streaming, voice communication, email and even VPN access.

Instant access

With the Cobham EXPLORER 325 you are able to connect to the world via voice or data over Inmarsat BGAN instantly, even when your vehicle is moving.

Communicating on-the-move ensures your ability to get the job done and with EXPLORER 325, you are never out of touch, even if you’re travelling at up to 200km/h.

Fast connection

It enables BGAN data speeds up to 384kbps standard IP and up to 128kbps streaming, and operation down to 5° elevation  even when moving at speed across rough ground.

Benefit from a fast connection and the confidence that it won’t be interrupted when traveling through harsh environments.

Easy to deploy

EXPLORER 325 is so easy to deploy – just place the antenna on the roof of your vehicle, connect it and your PC to the terminal and you have a mobile communication hub.

You can virtually be in your office in no time at all. Access VPN, catch up on email, browse the web; with fixed pricing and no roaming fees when you cross borders.

Compact form

At 35cm in diameter, 12cm high and weighing just 3.6kg, EXPLORER 325 has the smallest available vehicular BGAN antenna on the market.

The compact size and price-point of EXPLORER 325 opens up new applications for on-the-move communication, including trains and trucks.

Explorer 325 Includes:

  • Fully Integrated Electronic Tracking Antenna: White
  • Built-in magnetic mounfs for antenna mounting
  • Explorer Land Vehicular Terminal
  • Standard Ethernet Cable(2m/6ft)
  • Getting Stated Kit
  • IP Handset w/cradle and coiled cable 

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