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Hughes 9201-M2M fixed BGAN terminal


Product Description

This item has been discontinued

The Hughes 9201-M2M Satellite Terminal is your gateway to global machine-to-machine communications. The 9201-M2M enables you to simultaneously send and receive IP packet data via Ethernet over the Inmarsat BGAN satellite network.

IP SCADA-ready

The high-performance, rugged 9201-M2M is designed to withstand varying weather conditions for extended periods of time. Yet, the terminal is small and light, so it can be installed easily enabling connectivity within minutes. The Inmarsat BGAN service, together with the 9201-M2M, offers a true IP network.

  • Full IP compatibility—SMTP email, file transfer (FTP), and VPN
  • Global public fixed IP available
  • Compatible with the following VPNs: Cisco–VPN Client V1 or V2.6.3, Nortel–Contivity VPN Client V04-15.06,
  • Netscreen– Remote Client 8.1, Checkpoint–V4.1, and SonicWall
  • Cost-effective, “always-on” access—only charged for data sent and received
  • Web MMI is accessible via Wi-Fi-enabled PDAs, Blackberrys, and iPhones
  • Auto context activation feature allows PDP contexts to be activated without user action
  • Easy to install and connects in minutes
  • UMTS IP-based services
  • FCC, CE, and GMPCS certified


  • User Interfaces
    • SIM card
    • LED and audio pointing aids
    • Ethernet
    • USB
    • Serial-Ethernet interface available (see Hughes representative for details)
  • Internal Web MMI
    • Terminal configuration and control via any browser (
    • Accessible via any Wi-Fi-enabled PDA, iPhone, or Blackberry
    • Auto On/Auto Power Cycle
    • 24/7 Keep Alive. Terminal maintains an efficient, “always-on” connection, where users pay only for data transmitted.
    • SMS Wakeup (optional feature)
  • Package
    • 9201-M2M Satellite IP SCADA Terminal
    • Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
    • AC main power adapter (110 VAC - 240 VAC)
    • Ethernet cable
    • User guide (PDF file Web site)
  • Optional Accessories
    • Standard lithium ion battery pack
    • Extended lithium ion battery pack
    • Terminal enclosures (see Hughes representative for details)
    • AC mains power adapter (110 to 240 VAC) output
    • Fixed mount kit
    • DC/DC adapter (10–32 VDC)
    • External flat-panel passive antenna - IP67

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