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Hughes 9202 Class 2 BGAN Terminal

USD $2,895.00

Product Description

The Hughes 9202 is a thin, sleek, Class 2 BGAN terminal weighing just 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs.) – the smallest Class 2 BGAN terminal in the world. It delivers fast broadband internet speeds of up to 492 Kbps send and receive, and unlike many other Class 2 BGAN’s, the Hughes 9202 is equipped with WiFi, capable of supporting up to 11 users simultaneously. Size and power make this the right choice for professionals, scientists, medical personnel and emergency responders who need an ultra-portable BGAN terminal that can easily fit a laptop case and is rugged enough to take anywhere.

Sleek, Fast and Tough

We know: looks aren’t everything. Maybe that’s why the Hughes 9202 comes with such an impressive list of capabilities, and maybe that’s why it’s the smallest, most compact Class 2 BGAN terminal in the world. But to distinguish itself as one of the best satellite solutions out there, the Hughes 9202 has had to prove itself in-the-field, in crisis situations, or when conditions were extreme and critical work was on-the-line. And that’s exactly what the Hughes 9202 has done consistently for professionals around the world who have made it their choice for dependable, personal, ultra-portable satellite connectivity.

First of all, it’s a Hughes, a leader in satellite equipment with over 2.5 million systems deployed around the globe, so you know it’s built to last, with a track-record to prove it. It’s got an ingress rating of IP55, so it’s certified to resist particles and dust, as well as splashes of water from all directions: important when you need to go anywhere, and conditions are extreme. It can operate in temperatures of -5 C to +55˚ C (+23° F to +131° F) with battery, and plugged-in to a DC power source, it can go even more extreme, with an operational range of -25˚ C to +60˚ C (-13° F to +140°F). The Hughes 9202 is a rugged, well-built BGAN you can be confident will work when you need it to.

A Class 2 Terminal with WiFi

What else distinguishes the Hughes 9202? In a word: WiFi. Some other Class 2 BGAN’s don’t have WiFi capabilities. The Hughes 9202 is a broadband satellite IP terminal with voice, ISDN, and a built-in 802.11 WiFi access point, able to support up to 11 users at once, with a range of 30.5 m (100 ft.). When you need to set-up fast, and your team is already on the ground, you can be up and running in minutes. And with IP data speeds of up to 464 Kbps down and 448 Kbps up, the Hughes 9202 is fast enough to keep your team functional wherever you may be. Streaming video can also be done at speeds of 32, 64, 128 Kbps. BGAN video streaming via dedicated channels can help you avoid audio and video drops during transmission, for broadcasters and other professionals who need reliable video from the field.

Versatile in the Field and Ultra-portable

Able to deliver simultaneous voice, data and sms, the Hughes 9202 can become your portable communications hub, enabling you to access the internet, email, phone, VoIP, ISDN, FTP, FoIP (fax) and video streaming. Its versatile design lets you also connect via RJ45 Ethernet as well as an RJ11 phone port for analog voice. With a standard handset plugged in, you can make and receive calls to and from any PTSN landline or mobile phone in the world. The Hughes 9202 can also has features that don’t require any other connected device, like the capability to transmit SMS messages via the integrated user interface (IUI) without using a laptop or smartphone.

Weighing just 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs.) and just 45 mm thick (1.8 in.) the Hughes 9202 is the smallest portable Class 2 BGAN terminal in the world. It can easily fit into a laptop case, so it’s transportable to anywhere you need to take it, and its single, integrated antenna and transceiver unit is easy to set-up and simple to operate: just turn it on, and the Hughes 9202 will establish a GPS position. Then, use the built-in compass and simple graphic and audio indicators to point in the right direction. Once this is done, you will be linked with the nearest INMARSAT communications satellite and you are ready to go. If you need an ultra-portable, versatile, economically-priced satellite solution, with a sleek, rugged design, the Hughes 9202 is the right choice.

Maybe it’s true: looks don’t matter…but they certainly don’t hurt.


  • Smallest Class 2 BGAN terminal in the world
  • Wi-Fi built-in: supporting multi-user access
  • Rugged and durable IP55 rating
  • Backlit LCD user display including four-button control
  • Two-line RJ11 for voice and fax
  • Full ISDN support including Unrestricted Digital Information (UDI)
  • Advanced integrated user interface (IUI)
  • Automatic Context Activation (ACA)
  • XL-band ready

What's Included

  • Hughes 9202 Land Portable Terminal
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
  • 1.8 meter (6 ft.) Ethernet cable
  • AC/DC adaptor with UK, EU, and US power cables

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