How to Activate a Prepaid Card

How to Activate a Prepaid Card

Customers who purchased a prepaid SIM card and airtime on

  • Once we have shipped your prepaid SIM card, you can log in to your online account to view the details of the card under the “Activate Cards” menu. Log in to “My Account”.
  • The “Activate Cards” page will display all prepaid cards associated with your account that can be activated whenever you are ready.
  • You can use the ICCID (i.e. SIM card number) on your SIM card, and listed on the “Activate Cards” page, to identify the SIM card that you want to activate.
  • Simply click on the checkbox to select the card(s) you wish to activate and click on confirm. You can activate more than one card at a time. It will take a couple of minutes to process the activation.
  • Once the card is fully activated, you will receive an email notification, and it will appear in the list of under the “Manage Prepaid Refills” page of your online account.
  • From the Manage Prepaid Refills page, you can make other selections such as refilling your prepaid airtime and managing your auto-refill settings.
  • Note that you have 12 months from the date of purchase to activate your card.

Customers who have a prepaid SIM card from BlueCosmo but don’t have any airtime:

  • If you have a BlueCosmo prepaid SIM that was active within the last 270 days, you can refill airtime on the card by logging in to your online account. Go to the “Manage Prepaid Refills” page, select the card and click the “Manage Refills” button. From there, you can purchase a one-time refill product or set your airtime to refill automatically when your balance is low or before your balance expires.
  • If you have an older BlueCosmo prepaid SIM or a SIM from another service provider, you will need to purchase a new one.

Customers who don’t already have a prepaid SIM card:

  • If you don’t currently have a prepaid SIM, you can purchase one and choose from an array of prepaid options to suit your needs.
  • Once you place your order, we will ship your prepaid card.
  • You can then activate it by following the steps “For customers who purchased a prepaid SIM with airtime on”.