Satellite Phone Rental, Model: Iridium 9555, Rental Term: Daily
Satellite Phone Rental, Model: Iridium 9555, Rental Term: Daily Satellite Phone Rental, Model: Iridium 9505A, Rental Term: Daily Iridium Satellite Phone Daily Rental

Iridium Satellite Phone Daily Rental

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Affordable Iridium daily satellite phone rentals include FREE accessories, FREE voicemail, global coverage and expert 24/7 support!

Iridium daily satellite phone rentals are an affordable way of staying connected, whether you’re travelling the backcountry or the rest of the world. The rugged Iridium 9555 satellite phone rental offers 100% global coverage and are rugged enough to keep you connected on land, water, or in the sky, they also feature the same affordable rates for airtime usage. Simply choose your preferred options and required date, and we’ll ship everything to you by the date you need it!

Please note due to high volume we cannot accommodate rental pickups.

Need to keep it longer? No worries, enjoy the same daily rate until you return it to us. You’ll be billed for your expected rental period when it is shipped, and any additional usage will be billed later.

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Why Rent with Us?

What Makes our Iridium Daily Rentals Best?

Accessories are included at no extra charge

FREE voicemail -- a $15-25 value!

Low cost round-trip shipping

Expert 24/7 technical support

Rental Kit

Iridium 9555 Rental Kit

Daily Rentals Include Everything You Need!

Stay connected globally and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience. Your kit includes:

  • The rugged Iridium 9555 satellite phone
  • Spare fully charged battery (always a good idea when going off the grid!)
  • Car charger, mobile magnetic antenna and headset
  • International adapters for all locations worldwide
  • Welcome Kit and Quick Start Guide
  • Prepaid shipping waybill makes returning your rental a breeze


Iridium Coverage

Only Iridium provides 100% global communications coverage

Iridium Coverage Map
Iridium logo

Stay connected everywhere. Iridium is the leading commercial satellite network in the world and the only one that provides voice and data communications across every inch of the planet — including the earth's oceans, airways and polar regions.

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How to Rent

Rent a Satellite Phone in 4 Easy Steps


Order online


We'll deliver it by your required date


Great rates, global coverage and 24/7 support


Use the prepaid shipping package included in your order to return everything

Detailed Terms

Iridium Daily Rental Details

  • You will be billed for the initial rental period you specify when we ship your rental. Any additional usage will be billed later.
  • Rentals are billed from the “required” date you specify, to the date that you ship your rental back to us. You do not pay while the rental is in transit
  • Need to keep it longer? You can extend your rental at the equivalent daily rate. Additional usage will be billed after you return it
  • Optional airtime bundles can be used for all calls (except outgoing text messages and calls to non-Iridium satellite phones billed at standard rates), and airtime expires at the end of the rental period. Standard rates apply once bundled airtime is depleted
  • Standard Airtime Rates apply to any additional airtime usage
  • Shipping rates include return shipping anywhere in North America and your prepaid return waybill is included in your rental kit
  • Note: Optional Loss and Damage Protection and Optional Airtime Bundles can’t be added once your rental has been shipped
  • BlueCosmo Standard Terms and Conditions apply

Airtime Usage Rates

Standard Airtime Usage Rates

Airtime Usage Type Rate
Two-stage dialed $1.79/min
To landline, cellular phones, or voicemail $1.79/min
To other Iridium satellite phones $1.79/min
SMS/text messages 69¢/msg
Data $1.79/min
To non-Iridium satellite phones $12.99/min

Affordable Iridium Satellite Phone Rentals

Iridium Satellite Phone Rentals

Rental Options Starting Rates Billing Models**
Iridium Daily rental From $9.99/day Per Day* Iridium 9555 Book a Rental
Iridium Monthly rental From $249/month Per Month Iridium 9555 Book a Rental