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About the Inmarsat Network

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How Inmarsat Satellite Coverage Works?

Inmarsat operates 12 satellites in geosynchronous (GEO) orbit approximately 22,000 miles above the earth. The satellites are positioned to transmit radio beams in two global configurations covering the oceans and major land masses.

International travelers: Please research local laws before you travel as some countries don’t permit the use of satellite phones. For travel to India, note that local laws require airtime service be acquired from the local provider BSNL.

Why Choose Inmarsat…

Inmarsat offers a range of equipment and service at an accessible price point and coverage everywhere except the polar regions. It’s a great option if you need a satellite phone, or need a combo of voice connectivity plus higher data speeds accessible from a portable BGAN device. NOTE: The antenna on Inmarsat devices must have an open view of the sky along the equator, so they are less suited to walking while talking.


  • Near global (except Polar Regions)
  • Good quality of service
  • Broadband data (via BGAN)
  • Affordable price point100% global coverage including the Poles


  • No coverage in the polar regions
  • BGAN broadband data usage can be costly
  • Longer network registration times
  • Best used in a stationary position with the antenna pointed toward the equator
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How to Connect to the Inmarsat Network?

Note: The polar regions aren’t covered by the Inmarsat network.

Using an IsatPhone 2


How to call a landline or cellular number using an IsatPhone?

Press and hold the 0 key until the + appears or dial “00”. Dial the country code, area code and phone number
  • Example: + (country code) (area code/city code) (phone number)
  • Example: + 1 416 253 6008

How to call an IsatPhone number from a landline or cell phone

From your phone, dial “00” or press and hold the 0 key until the + appears, then dial the 870 IsatPhone number.
  • Example: +870x-xxxx-xxxx

How to call from an IsatPhone to another IsatPhone

From your IsatPhone or BGAN connected device, press and hold the 0 key until the + appears followed by the 870 Inmarsat phone number.
  • Example: +870x-xxxx-xxxx

Can I send and receive text messages using an IsatPhone?

Yes, it is easy to send a text message from you satellite phone and incoming text messages are free to receive. Visit our Knowledge Base for step by step instructions on sending a text message from your IsatPhone.

How do I receive calls on my IsatPhone or BGAN terminal?

To receive a call on your Inmarsat phone number, the antenna of your device needs to be pointed toward the equator to register and connect with the Inmarsat network. To maintain your network connection with the Inmarsat satellites over the equator, the device should remain in a stationary position while you are expecting a call or on a call.

How do my contacts call my IsatPhone?

There are three ways that contacts can call you on your Isatphone phone. Note that the first three digits (870) is the international country code for an Isatphone.
  1. Dial your IsatPhone phone number directly, which can be expensive depending on the network they are calling from. From North America, they would dial: 011-870x-xxxx-xxxx (your Inmarsat phone number).
  2. Add an optional Dedicated US Phone Number to your monthly service plan. With this option, you will be assigned your own US-based phone number, in addition to your Inmarsat phone number. Callers can reach you directly using either phone number. You pay a low monthly fee for this dedicated US number, and a low per-minute rate to receive calls made to your US phone number.

How much does it cost to call an Inmarsat phone number?

Cellular and landline network operators can charge quite a lot for calls to a satellite phone number. To reduce the expense for your contacts, adding an optional Dedicated US Phone Number. This is less costly than calling your IsatPhone number directly, and enables the calling party to dial a US based phone number which is automatically routed to your IsatPhone.