How to Refill a Prepaid Card

When you log in to your BlueCosmo online account, all active prepaid cards associated with your account will be listed on the “Manage Prepaid Refills” page. Log in to “My Account”. Select card(s) you want to refill in the table. (Tip: Keep an eye on your minute balances and expiry dates. Most cards allow you to carry-forward unused minutes if you refill prior to the expiry date. Another benefit of refilling prior to expiry is that you get to keep your Iridium phone number.) Once you’ve made your selection, click the “Manage Refills” button. You’ll now be able to choose from the following types of refills:

  • One-time refill: Ideal for one-time use. You can always come back and refill again later when your airtime is nearly depleted or your card is nearing expiry. We’ll also send you an email reminder when your balance is low or when your card is about to expire.
  • Auto-refill: ideal if you want to ensure you never run out of airtime. Authorize us to automatically refill the prepaid airtime on your card when you have just 10 voice minutes of airtime remaining, or your card/airtime is due to expire within 3 days, whichever comes first.
  • Disable auto-refill: If you’ve previously selected an auto-refill option for your prepaid card and you want to turn this option “off”, you can disable the auto-refill you had previously set up for a prepaid card.
  • After selecting “one-time refill” or “auto-refill” you can choose any of the prepaid options shown on that page. For most prepaid cards, this allows you to carry your airtime balance forward and combine it with the balance added by your new refill voucher (not applicable to Iridium 300 Minute prepaid cards).
  • When you select a refill product, the dropdown list on the page will show you the price associated your selection and a subtotal (not including applicable taxes) is displayed at the bottom of the page.
  • Note that the validity periods are calculated differently based on the specific product. For example, all Iridium Global cards (except for the 300 min cards) add the expiry period to your existing expiry date. Where as Iridium Regional prepaid cards will just calculate the expiry date from the date you’ve applied the refill. Be sure to check out the details on the prepaid product pages to understand how expiry is calculated.