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Only Iridium offers satellite coverage everywhere on earth.

About the Iridium Network

How Does Iridium Cover the Entire Earth?

The Iridium constellation is a fully meshed network of 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO) cross-linked satellites that ensuring coverage over the entire globe. That’s more satellites than any other network.

In addition to being the only network that offers 100% global communications coverage, an independent study also found Iridium’s network had the best call quality compared with similar competitive networks. This is one reason that the US military relies on the Iridium network.

Traveller’s Note: Although Iridium’s coverage is global, Iridium complies with U.S. embargo restrictions. As such it is prohibited from providing products/service in the following countries: Taliban controlled Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Sudan. Each country is different and regulations may change without notice. Always check with the local Consulate or Customs offices for info.

Why Choose Iridium…

Iridium is the only satellite network that offers complete global coverage. If you need access to satellite voice and data anywhere, or want to be able to talk on your satellite phone while moving around, choose an Iridium device. Its LEO network advantage also enables the use of smaller omni-directional antennas, resulting in devices with a compact, lightweight and streamlined form factor.


  • 100% global coverage including the Poles
  • Good quality of service
  • Truly mobile (walk and talk)
  • Short network registration times
  • Largest constellation with the most satellites and spares


  • Can be a bit more costly
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How to Connect to the Iridium Network

Note: Iridium satellites are in constant motion, so if you are in an area where line of sight with the sky is partially obstructed, it may just take a little longer to connect, or cause the signal to drop.


How do I make a call to a landline or cellular number using an Iridium phone?

Press the 0 key until the + appears or dial “00”. Dial the country code, area code and phone number.
  • Example: + (country code) (area code/city code) (phone number)
  • Example: + 1 206 329 1947

How do I make a call to another Iridium phone number?

From your Iridium phone, or dial “00” or press and hold the 0 key until the + appears followed by the 8816 Iridium number.
  • Example: + 8816 325 12345

Can I send and receive text messages using an Iridium satellite phone?

Yes, it is easy to send a text message and incoming text messages are free. Visit our Knowledge Base for step-by-step instructions on sending a text message from your Iridium phone.

How do I receive calls on my Iridium phone?

To receive a call on your Iridium phone, the antenna needs to be fully extended with an unobstructed view of the sky. TIP: Consider adding the optional voicemail service when choosing your airtime plan. Iridium prepaid cards include voicemail service.

How do contacts dial my Iridium phone number?

There are three ways that someone can contact you on your Iridium phone.
  1. Dial your Iridium phone number directly. This can be expensive depending on the network they are calling from.
  2. Use the 2-Stage Dialing service. This enables someone to reach you by dialing +1-480-768-2500 (an Arizona-based number). When prompted, they enter your Iridium phone number and the call will automatically be routed to your phone. There is no monthly fee for this service, however you pay a low per-minute rate to receive the call. The caller pays the rate associated with a call to Arizona if applicable.
  3. Dial the US phone number that you receive if subscribe to the Dedicated US Phone number option. This Dedicated US Phone Number is an option you can add to your monthly service plan. With this you will be assigned your own Arizona-based phone number, in addition to your Iridium phone number. Callers can reach you directly using either phone number. You pay a low monthly fee for this dedicated US number, and a low per-minute rate to receive calls made to your US phone number.

How much does it cost to call an Iridium satellite phone?

Cellular and landline network operators can charge quite a lot for calls to a satellite phone number. To reduce this cost for your contacts, consider using the 2-Stage Dialing service, or add an optional Dedicated US Phone Number to your monthly plan. Both are less costly than dialing your Iridium number directly and enable callers to dial a US-based number which connects to your Iridium phone number.