Globalstar Network

Communications coverage over most land masses

About the Globalstar (and SPOT) Network

How Globalstar Coverage Works

The Globalstar satellites pick up signals from over 80% of the Earth's surface -- everywhere except the extreme polar regions and some mid-ocean regions. Its second-generation constellation enables several satellites to pick up a call, and this helps assure that the call is not dropped even if a phone moves out of sight of one of the satellites. As soon as a second satellite picks up the signal and connects with the same terrestrial gateway, it begins to simultaneously transmit. If buildings or terrain block your phone signal, this "soft-handoff" prevents call interruption.

Coverage Maps

Globalstar Voice Coverage Map

Globalstar offers roaming in over 110 countries serving 90% of the world's population.

Globalstar Coverage Map
Globalstar Primary Coverage

Primary Coverage

Globalstar Fringe Coverage

Fringe Coverage
(Customers should expect to experience weakest signal)

Globalstar Temporarily Out of Service

Temporarily Out of Service
Temporarily Out of Service Customers who have purchased their SPOT Global Phone/Globalstar phone outside of this area: Roaming is not currently available when traveling to the following countries and surrounding ocean areas: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Antarctica. Your phone will not work in these areas, however we are working toward resolving this.

Globalstar Home Zone

Home Zone
Within the Home Zone, Globalstar North American customers can freely roam without incurring additional airtime costs. This map is intended to highlight Home Zone coverage for Orbit and Galaxy customers in North America. Coverage is subject to change without notice.

SPOT Coverage Map

SPOT has coverage over most land masses.

Spot Coverage Map

96% or better probability of successfully sending a single message within 20 minutes*

Reduced coverage available within a 20 minute period*

Why choose Globalstar...

Globalstar's innovative, yet proven technology, delivers higher dependability, stronger voice clarity and lower costs than other providers.


  • Near global (except Polar Regions)
  • Good quality of service; fewer dropped calls
  • Low latency
  • Accessible price point
  • Good rates for calls to the US and Caribbean


  • Coverage gaps
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How to Connect to the Globalstar Network

Satellites are constantly moving so if you are using a satellite phone in an area with some obstructions and some open sky, it may just take a bit longer to establish a connection, or calls might drop as the satellite passes behind the obstruction.


How can I view/find my Globalstar phone number?

Extend the antenna, turn the phone on and press the “info” key.

How do I make a call to a landline or cellular number from a Globalstar phone?

Dial “1” followed by the area code and phone number.
  • Example: 1 (area code/city code) (phone number)
  • Example: 1 555 123 4567

How do I make a call to another Globalstar phone number?

From your Globalstar phone, dial “1” followed by the Globalstar number.
  • Example: 1 245 1234567

Can I send and receive text messages using a Globalstar phone?

To receive a call using your Globalstar Phone, turn the power on and deploy the antenna, pointing skyward. Once the phone begins to ring, press "Send".

How do I receive calls on my Globalstar phone?

Yes, it is easy to send a text message from you satellite phone and incoming text messages are free to receive. Visit our Knowledge Base for step by step instructions on sending a text message from your IsatPhone.

How do contacts dial my Globalstar phone number?

To call your Globalstar phone contacts dial “1” followed by the 10-digit Globalstar phone number, starting with area code.
  • Example: 1 245 1234567

How much does it cost to call a Globalstar phone?

Your Globalstar phone includes a US based phone number, so the callers would pay whatever long-distance cost is applicable, based on where they are calling from.